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Pearl of the South Consulting is an independent international African consulting company. We specialise in corporate governance and broader sustainability issues pertaining to the long term growth and competitiveness of public and private sector corporations in Africa. We invest in long-term relationships so that we do not just work for you, but with you. Pearl of the South Consulting works with businesses, regulators, business associations, national governments and multilateral institutions towards improving the enabling business environment for businesses and mainstreaming solutions hat ensure the long-term growth and competitiveness for businesses. The foundation of our work is the commitment to promote the three P's: People, Planet and Prosperity.
We will always aim to deliver maximum stakeholder value and pursue an ambitious social agenda: that of promoting the responsible growth and competitiveness of businesses. Pearl of the South Consulting has been involved in many projects in Africa and internationally. We ensure that our strong knowledge of the African continent, as well as our international exposure is utilised in contextualising global best practice to suit local realities.
With our huge portfolio of partner organisations Pearl of the South are able to deliver solutions to massive infrastructure projects in Africa


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Pearl of the South was formed to work in the main with Sellbridge's Africa operations focussing on Mineral trading, however, we have now established relationships with suppliers throughtout Africa and South America. We have relationships with buyers throughout the Worls. Additionally, we are as of 2018 in association with Adenta Commodities of Dubai. This allows for a huge growth in our mineral trading. Adenta was created as an entity to produce profits from the buying and selling of an array of gemstones, strategic metals and minerals, with the main focus on Rough Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies. Adenta have established numerous contacts across Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka Hong Kong and Thailand, willing to supply the Company by delivering, sending or bringing commodities to Dubai. Adenta have secured contacts with buyers in the United Kingdom, Tel Aviv, South Africa and Mauritius. This makes Pearl of the South a World class commodity and mineral trading platform. With the advent of the planned opening of Sellbridge's Mineral Bank in Swaziland, this will make Pearl of the South one of Africa's largest mineral trading facilitators.

Sellbridge's Mineral Bank in Swaziland, due to open in 2019, will grow to be the central trading point for Africa's Mineral wealth. As it is better placed than Dubai in terms of mineral location. The opening of the Mineral Bank will coincide with King Mswati III's 2022 vision for Swaziland. Massive development is planned at the airport, including entertainment districts and a Luxury hotelsand casino at the airport. Discerning mineral buyers can fly in and relax whilst selecting the minerals they want. The Sellbridge mineral Bank will offer unprecendented trading opportunities to the larger purchasers and vendors of minerals alike. Pearl of the South are working closely with Sellbridge and Adenta (Dubai).

Exploration and geological evaluation of prospects

If you are in the process looking to open a mine in the Southern Hemisphere, Pearl of the South can help in all areas by arranging detailed surveys, borehole test drilling and provide you with all the appropriate reports needed for the project.

Brokering sales between Supplier & Buyer

Pearl of the South are approached by both buyers and suppliers, our skill is to choose the best match and help them work together.

Mineral resource asset sales

This is the area where Pearl of the South excel, we have the ability to help the mine owner gain a secure route to good quality business partners. We work on a small commission basis and with total confidentiality.

opportunities for investors and investors for opportunities

Pearl of the South are approached regularly with investment opportunities and those seeking investment in the Mineral and precious metal mining sector in the Southern Hemisphere, we are in the business of helping them talk to each other.


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Pearl of the South are Ideally situated in Swaziland to assist in our World-wide trading!


Take a closer look at our team.

Tim Smith


Tim is the Founder of Pearl of The South, Tim has worked for many years in the Consulting industry.

Friday lukhele

Managing Director

Friday is a qualified minerologist and has worked for many years in the commodity brokerage industry, He is very skilled at bringing good buyers and sellers together.

Jason Barrington

Operations Director

Jason a new addition to POTS, based in the UK he is well experienced in high level negotiations. Jason runs our UK operation and deals with our Australia and Columbia clients.

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