2022 Projects in Swaziland


King Mswati III Swaziland

Pearl of the South are working in Partnership with many companies under the banner of WorldHelp Initiative,
Sellbridge UK
Sellbridge International
Adenta Trading & Investments SA
Suxe International
IC1 Global of Hong Kong
The Bank of Dene and the indiginous Tribes of Dene.

Pearl of the South and the World Help Initiative are proposing some exciting Projects in Swaziland, in order to help His Majesty King Mswati III to achieve his visionary 2022 Swaziland dream.
The finance for the Airport project has been raised through Pearl of the South and Sellbridge's JV Partner The Bank of Dene & Indiginous Tribes of Dene and Sellbridge UK.
The financing for the Power stations is through IC1 Global and Sellbridge UK and Sellbridge International.
A Joint venture company called 'World Help Initiative (Swaziland), has been formed in Swaziland for the execution of the various projects.
(Details of the Airport project are listed below).
$10bn Finance Allocation has been committed to the Airport & Smart City projects and $1bn is committed for the power stations.

Project Progress


October 2017 Meeting the Team

During October 2017 The Project team undertook a series of meetings with their Majesties and almost all of the Government Ministries within Swaziland to discuss the forthcoming projects and to get down to some serious planning. These are from top left to bottom right
Meeting His Majesty King Mswati III
Meeting Her Majesty the Queen Mother
Meeting with SIPA Swaziland ( Who hreatly assisted us with all the paperwork) Meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Hlangsempi, The Honourable Misister for Economic Planning.
Meeting with various Government Ministries
Meeting with Solomon Dube Director Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority
Private meeting with His Majesty King Mswati III
Mrs Hart-Jones (Sellbridge) Meeting with the Queen Mother

April 2018 Team Reassemble in Swaziland for the furtherance of the Projects

Letter of committment for the project finance from the Indiginous Tribes of Dene

Swaziland Power and King Mswati III International Airport Projects


Swaziland Water Services Corporation (SWSC) - Matsapha

50MWe Power Station,
IC1 Swaziland will be using their latest technology Bio-Molecular 'Waste to Energy' power stations at SWSC's Matsapha facilities to put a 'Zero' waste to energy bio-molecular power station to reprocess sewage and turn it into clean water and hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used to fire a jet engine which will turn a generator to make 50MWe of power.


There will be a larger IC1 bio-molecular power station (400MWe) at KMIII Airport, designed to power the Airport and the 'New City'. This power station will burn Swaziland's vast reserves of Anthracite from Mpaka mine. However on completion of the Smart City this will be supplemented with all the waste products from the City, such as City rubbish and sewage. These products will be broken down to their various molecules and re-combined to produce fuels to power the jet engine to generate the 400MWe of electricity. Other bi-products such as Aviation fuel and clean water will be produced as part of the process.

Mpaka Coal Mine and 1.2GWe Suxe Thermal Power Station

An Advanced Suxe Thermal Power Station, starting at 400MWe initially, growing to 1.2GWe in phases. This Thermal power station will be built next to Mpaka Mine. The Advanced Thermal Power station can burn cleanly any solid fuel meeting ALL of the world's stringent Clean Air Regulations. This Anthracite will be supplemented with biomass grown in Swaziland. The 2 major sources of biomass will include the planned Bamboo plantations located around the power station. As these grow to maturity by contracted local farmers the bamboo will be harvested and sent to the power station. Also residue left after processing Cannabis/Hemp will be available in large quantities from the Khula Ngwane Cannabis/Hemp processing plant. This biomass will supplement the other fuels powering the power station.

As a Zero Waste operation, even the residue anthracite (dust) normally dumped onto slag heaps at mines will be briquetted for use in the Suxe Thermal power station.

There are Major benefits of the Thermal power station to Swaziland, the most important, will be in the area of job creation, not only the jobs created for miners but the anticipated 10,000 agricultural jobs created in the farming sector growing the Bamboo and Cannabis/Hemp.

Mpaka Mines output will be a zero waste operation. There are 3 distinct markets for the anthracite. 1) The Bio-molecular 400MWe power station at the airport. 2) The Thermal power station at the mine and 3) Adenta have identified partners around the globe to take any available anthracite.

1.2GWe Power Station


Other King Mswati III Airport Projects

  • The New Ultra Modern 'Smart Garden Town / City' development Near the Airport

    (City Centre, Water, Green Power, Waste Handling, Communication, Transport, Social Services).

    Our Architects will be working on a reduced emmission design of a city centre, which will have plenty of green space and include a central Administrative district, Retail shopping outlets, offices, Emergency Services, Medical Facilities, Education establishments, power, water and waste services, Housing districts. The city will utilise that latest technology including all forms of 'Green' power including solar power and other forms of clean-energy, mass transit, naturally cooled city streets. The modern nature of the city will incorporate city-wide data collection via an Internet architecture. The data will be used by the city to automatically run itself for example, LED Street lights may automatically brighten in an area to coincide with the time a concert ends, to brighten the streets or the lights may flash when emergency services are on their way. Sellbridge Ltd. and Pearl of the South have aligned themselves accordingly with WorldHelp Initiative for the Swaziland mega structure, representing Global Indigenous communities on the expansion of self sustainability and GREEN infrastructure as well as a bio-friendly formatted zero-waste Smart City development at a macro-economic level. Dene Tribes and Sellbridge Ltd/Pearl of South have arranged a strategic technological partnership with IC1 Global of Hong Kong as a part of the WorldHelp - Africa initiative.

    Smart City

    Artist Impression Smart City

    Smart City

    Smart City Features


    Special Economic Zones or Trade Free Zones attract International manufacturers. Operating in a Duty Free Zone offers huge financial benefits to many different types of company. Together with a reliable supply of lower cost electricity supplied from nearby and the relaxed easy going nature of Swaziland, will make this Special Economic Zone a huge succeess.
    Special Economic Zone

    Special Economic Zone

    Banking & Finance District

    Consisting of the following

    Finance & Banking

    Pearl of the South plan to develop a full Banking and Financial area within the Trade Free Zone including a fully functional location for Swaziland's new Stock Exchange. The Mineral Bank located within the Banking district will facilitate the purchase and sale of minerals sourced from all areas of Africa. The aim is to turn Swaziland into the premier mineral trading centre for the world and to surpass Dubai.

    Foreign Exchange

    A full foreign exchange facility will be located inside the Airport and banking district to deal with exchange issues for the mineral bank and VIP gamers.

    Sellbridge Mineral Bank

    Currently Dubai is the premier Mineral trading hub for the African Mineral market. However Swaziland represents a better trading opportunity as it is closer to all the major mineral producing zones within Africa. •Diamonds •Rubies •Sapphires •Emeralds •Gold •Silver •Platinum •Zinc
    The Mineral Bank will be instrumental in driving traffic into Swaziland via the KMIII International Airport as the Mineral Traders will fly in and purchase their minerals and maybe even relax at the 5* Hotel and casino, before arranging the shipment of their valuable purchases.

    Finance district


    Trade Free Commercial Zone

    Special Economic Zones or Trade Free Zones attract International manufacturers. Operating in a Duty Free Zone offers huge financial benefits to many different types of company. Together with a reliable supply of lower cost electricity supplied from nearby and the relaxed easy going nature of Swaziland, will make this Special Economic Zone a huge succeess.

    Bonded Customs Warehouse

    King Mswati III International airport is the right location for Swaziland's Bonded Customs Warehouse. Where incoming goods and imports can be cleared by customs before entering or leaving Swaziland. This represents a large source or future revenue for the Kingdom's Treasury.

    Manufacturing Zone

    •Gold Refinery •Mineral Cutting & polishing •Retail Outlets •Manufacturing Companies.

    Khula Ngwane Green Bank

    It is anticipated that when Swaziland legalise the growing of Cannabis, the Khula Ngwane Green Bank will be located at the King Mswati International Airport. The Khula Ngwane proposal to Govt is that Khula Ngwane will represent Swaziland Government in the issuing of licences and registering groups of community farmers to grow cannabis (Under Licence) legally. The community farmers can even apply for a loan from the Green Bank, and pay it back with future deliveries of Cannabis.
    On delivery of the Cannabis will it be weighed (water content will be deducted)and the farmers will be paid for the weight of the whole plant. Swaziland Revenue Authority (SRA) tax will be deducted as will any loans that need to be repaid.
    The cannabis will be processed into Medical Pharmaceutical products at the airport and shipped out to the various World markets.

    Luxury Apartments

    As the area develops for entertainment and sporting activities, Luxury apartments will be in great demand by those wishing to keep a base close to the activity centre in Swaziland



    Entertainment Zone (Phase 2)

    Putting Swaziland on the World Entertainment Circuit

    Hotel & Casino

    King Mswati III International airport represents a spectacular opportunity to showcase an iconic five-star hotel resort. The world-class five-star hotel resort will enable Swaziland to capitalise on the growth in African business and tourism, particularly high net worth and luxury focused tourists from South Africa, Mozambique and globally. Incorporating world-class VIP gaming.

    Such a hotel resort will provide a further attraction to high net worth tourists and customers for the Mineral Bank and Concert venue. This will make the project commercially viable.

    Luxury Hotel

  • Casino with VIP Gaming and Non-Gaming
  • Signature restaurants
  • Luxury Retail Outlets
  • Pools Outdoor & Indoor
  • Spa Facilities
  • Fitness Centre
  • Conference Centres
  • Cultural Facilities
  • Lounges & Bars
  • Theatre
  • Museums
  • Shows, Dance clubs, Comedians
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Entertainment & Leisure
  • Multipurpose rooms for Seminars & Business Programs
  • High Quality Designer Shops & Duty free Shopping Arcades
  • Outdoor Urban Entertainment Arena for Shows and Concerts.
  • Hotel & Casino


    Entertainment Zone (Phase 3)

    'Centre Stage' Concert Arena

    The planned stadium will have a circumference of 1km and will enclose 4,000,000 cubic metres inside its walls and under its roof – the equivalent of 25,000 double-decker buses. The roof covers 11 acres. The stadium will be the most iconic sport & entertainment stadium on the African continent. Through Shaking the Tree Foundation we plan to host concerts with some of the world’s biggest musicians. The largest sporting events will now have the dream stadium. The stadium’s pitch will combine synthetic grass with the real grass to strengthen the playing surface. The stadium's iconic sliding roof will cover every seat in the stadium, making it one of the largest fully covered stadiums in the world. The stadium will seat 90,000. For events such as rock concerts, the pitch will be able to be covered by specially designed protective panels to create additional standing space for 25,000 fans. a total of 115,000 guests.



    Other Pearl of the South Services

    Incorporating Sellbridge/Adenta Commodities Ltd (Dubai)
    Arena Arena

    We offer exceptional & confidential service
    Pearl of the South was formed to work in the main with Sellbridge's Africa operations focussing on Mineral trading, however, we have now established relationships with suppliers throughtout Africa and South America. We have relationships with buyers throughout the Worls. Additionally, we are as of 2018 in association with Adenta Commodities of Dubai. This allows for a huge growth in our mineral trading. Adenta was created as an entity to produce profits from the buying and selling of an array of gemstones, strategic metals and minerals, with the main focus on Rough Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies. Adenta have established numerous contacts across Africa, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka Hong Kong and Thailand, willing to supply the Company by delivering, sending or bringing commodities to Dubai. Adenta have secured contacts with buyers in the United Kingdom, Tel Aviv, South Africa and Mauritius.
    This makes Pearl of the South a World class commodity and mineral trading platform.
    With the advent of the planned opening of Sellbridge's Mineral Bank in Swaziland, this will make Pearl of the South one of Africa's largest mineral trading facilitators.


    Sellbridge's Mineral Bank in Swaziland, due to open in 2019, will grow to be the central trading point for Africa's Mineral wealth. As it is better placed than Dubai in terms of mineral location. The opening of the Mineral Bank will coincide with King Mswati III's 2022 vision for Swaziland. Massive development is planned at the airport, including entertainment districts and a Luxury hotelsand casino at the airport. Discerning mineral buyers can fly in and relax whilst selecting the minerals they want. The Sellbridge mineral Bank will offer unprecendented trading opportunities to the larger purchasers and vendors of minerals alike. Pearl of the South are working closely with Sellbridge and Adenta (Dubai).

    Exploration and geological evaluation of prospects

    If you are in the process looking to open a mine in the Southern Hemisphere, Pearl of the South can help in all areas by arranging detailed surveys, borehole test drilling and provide you with all the appropriate reports needed for the project.

    Brokering sales between Supplier & Buyer

    Pearl of the South are approached by both buyers and suppliers, our skill is to choose the best match and help them work together.

    Mineral resource asset sales

    This is the area where Pearl of the South excel, we have the ability to help the mine owner gain a secure route to good quality business partners. We work on a small commission basis and with total confidentiality.

    opportunities for investors and investors for opportunities

    Pearl of the South are approached regularly with investment opportunities and those seeking investment in the Mineral and precious metal mining sector in the Southern Hemisphere, we are in the business of helping them talk to each other.


    Our Top-Notch service will keep you wanting more.


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    Pearl of the South are Ideally situated in Swaziland to assist in our World-wide trading!


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    Tim is the Founder of Pearl of The South, Tim has worked for many years in the commodity brokerage industry.

    Friday lukhele

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    Friday is a qualified minerologist and has worked for many years in the commodity brokerage industry, He is very skilled at bringing good buyers and sellers together.

    Jason Barrington

    Operations Director

    Jason a new addition to POTS, based in the UK he is well experienced in high level negotiations. Jason runs our UK operation and deals with our Australia and Columbia clients.

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